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We have been working (with passion) in digital technologies since the Fortran/Pascal epoch by passing through C/C++, Lisp, Prolog, VB, Java, Go, Erlang, Python, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Expert, etc. We have many experience in IT solutions and work for big companies.

This site is dedicated to the Visible Light Communication and our studies and experiments in this area.

Visible Light Communication is a fascinating subject that many industries, universities and research center are affording in the these last few years. Also in Italy with many startup companies.

For the origins and deeper details visit Internet pages about Harald Haas and his innovative works.

We dedicated many hours (and many nights) to realize our artifacts. Some are unpublished (we are very jealous of them) but others we are willing to divulge because we absolutely believe that it’s a great technology with many possibility of applications. We want to share our work we are very proud of.

So in this site we present the prototype of an enhanced torch that can transmit data into the light beam. We will use this data to open a gate.

To make something approachable by everyone we have developed our prototype with open source electronics (by using Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s, ST Nucleo Boards, At Tiny chips, Esp8266 or NodeMcu components).. Contact us for owr newest experiments.

Fell free to contact us for any question. We are trying to create a collaborative team to … explore new worlds.


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